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General FAQS

Valuable information about how to use this site and descriptions of general processes. Learn how we ensure your information is secure, when and how to be approved for a loan and how to change your information after you have submitted it.

Purchase FAQs

From when to start mortgage shopping to what happens at closing. Understand interest rate options, down payment information, how a decision is made, what documents are needed at closing and more.

Refinance FAQs

The facts you need before you decide to refinance. When should you consider refinancing? What are some reasons to refinance? How much home equity can you use? Learn about cash out refinancing, the rescission period, how a refinance closing works and more.

Credit FAQs

What is credit? How can you establish and maintain good credit? How can you improve your credit score? What is your credit report and how can you see it? What are the best ways to avoid credit problems? Find the answers here.

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