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Benefits of Repeat Home Ownership

Buying a new home can open a whole new chapter of your life. It can give you the chance to either downsize or "upsize," depending on your space needs, as well as an opportunity to use what you learned from your existing or previous house to make your next one everything you ever wanted. Most of all, you can put all of your homebuying knowledge to work for you to make the process easier – but don’t forget to familiarize yourself with things that might have changed since you bought your first home.

You Know What’s Coming – and What You Want

You already understand how financing works, the basics of taxes and insurance, and the costs involved with owning a home. You also have a better idea of what you want – which means you may be pickier about certain things like upgrades, location and the extent of DIY projects you’re willing to do.

For these reasons, house hunting may take longer – but the loan experience doesn’t have to. PHH Mortgage will help you create a strategy that works for your situation, starting with a loan pre-approval decision. Call an experienced loan officer at (855) 233-9749 to find the right financing option for you.

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