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FHA Loan Modification


Getting started on a loan modification for an FHA-insured loan:

1. Call and speak to your Case Manager and request an application for homeowners' assistance so that you may apply for assistance. 

2. Gather the following documents:

  • If you receive a salary or hourly wages: Provide most recent consecutive 30 days of pay stubs. The pay stubs must reflect YTD earnings. If not reported on the pay stubs, we will require a signed letter or printout from your employer stating YTD earnings. 
  • SSI, disability or death benefits, retirement, or pension, public assistance, or adoption assistance income: Provide the most rcent award letter and most recent 2 months bank statements evidencing proof of receipt of these funds.
  • Self-employed: Provide your most recent quarterly or YTD Profit & Loss statement, and the most recent year's filed federal tax return including all schedules.
  • Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income: Please note that you are not required to disclose this income unless you wish to use these funds to help you qualify for assistance. If you choose to use these funds, please provide a copy of the divorce decree, separation agreement, or other written agreement filed with the court or equivalent document that states the amount and period of time over which the payment will be received. Documentation must confirm that payments will continue for at least 12 months AND provide 2 most recent bank statements or other third-party documentation showing receipt of payment.
  • Rental income: Provide a copy of the most recent filed federal tax return with all schedules, including Schedule E, OR if rental income is not reported on Schedule E, provide a copy of the current lease agreement with either bank statements or cancelled rent checks demonstrating receipt of rent.
  • Investment income: Provide copies of the 2 most recent investment statements or bank statements supporting receipt of this income.
  • Contributor income: If you have a non-borrower living in the property, regularly contributing to your monthly expenses, we will require the same documentation outlined above as for each borrower, to verify the ability to contribute to the household expenses on a regular basis.

3. Fill out the Financial Worksheet, two pages completed, signed and dated. The Financial Worksheet can be found on the Loan Solution Center site. To access this site, go to the "Ready to apply" section below.

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