Credit Unions

Keep your members feeling like family by helping them get the home mortgage financing they need

You put your members' needs first - and so do we

Your members are like family. They trust you, putting their financial needs in your hands, and your top priority is to maintain that special relationship. Providing a mortgage solution is one way you can enhance the services you offer – and you can put your trust in PHH Mortgage to help. We understand your relationship with your members, because we treat our clients the same way and take your – and our – responsibility seriously. Our consultative approach means that we focus on giving you the attention you and your members demand, providing leadership, guidance and support.

Our mortgage business solutions can help you:

  • Retain members and cultivate deeper member relationships through open access to our sales, customer service and leadership teams
  • Gain access to a full suite of mortgage products
  • Maintain your brand integrity
  • Offer both delegated and non-delegated loan products
  • Navigate compliance risk
  • Avoid increasing technology costs

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