PHH Mortgage

Servicing: Transform servicing costs into business gains with personalized service and attention to your needs

Work with a partner as focused on service as you are

Reduce your mortgage business costs without impacting how you serve your borrowers

The cost of operating in an ever-changing and evolving regulatory and economic environment chips away at your bottom line more than your competition does. This is especially true when it comes to loan servicing, where escrow management, taxes, reporting, regulatory compliance and more can absorb your margins.

Turn to PHH Mortgage Loan Subservicing when you are looking to change service costs into business gains. With nearly 25 years of experience in every aspect of mortgage financing, we are well positioned to address your servicing needs with no interruption to your business or interactions with your borrowers – and because we deliver everything branded in your name, your borrowers remain just that: yours.

PHH Mortgage Loan Subservicing can help you mitigate costs while delivering enhanced service.

You will:

  • Leverage our technology and gain large-scale servicer capabilities without the added expense
  • Avoid having to hire and train additional staff to meet seasonal demands, especially during tax time
  • Turn substantial fixed costs into smaller, variable costs and reduce your regulatory exposure when we handle all of your critical back-office functions, from escrow management to compliance

You get:

  • Personalized service by a staff of experienced professionals trained to provide you – and your borrowers – with superior service
  • End-to-end compliance and regulatory management that taps into our substantial systems, processes, people and attention to detail
  • A customized, branded solution that maintains your brand’s integrity with customized communications – you control your borrowers’ relationships and continue to build your business

You need a partner to assist you in providing your borrowers with a superior mortgage servicing experience. PHH Mortgage can help with your mortgage subservicing.