Private Label Services

Rely on a holistic support network that works for you from loan origination to close

Make our mortgage business your mortgage business

Offer a mortgage solution that keeps you focused on compliance and your customers

Maintaining a mortgage business is important to you and your customers – but so is mitigating the associated risks and costs. How do you strike a balance without making sacrifices that can impact your bottom line or service?

Let PHH Private Label Solutions (PLS) maintain your mortgage business by leveraging ours. With PLS, you get a support team that works for you from loan origination to close – we handle all of the back-office operations giving you only one vendor to manage: PHH. Our technology, processes and regulatory know-how can help to reduce the costs and mitigate the risks of managing your own end-to-end mortgage solution. And we ensure a seamless brand experience with your clients – we don’t compete with you, we work with you.

When you work with PLS, you get our 25 years of experience and:

  • Two solution tiers that offer you the choice of enhanced service models, point-of-contact options and delivery for GSE and balance sheet products
  • Compliance expertise, which includes centralized processes and underwriting, and an experienced compliance team that helps to keep you compliant and reduce your risk
  • Best practice strategies that strive to reduce your costs and margin volatility
  • Access to large-scale technology capabilities without the big-cost outlay of maintaining your own
  • Brand awareness and customization that lets you shape your customers’ experience throughout the entire mortgage process

You want a mortgage solution that you can manage – and can help keep your costs and risks manageable. Let PHH Mortgage do the job for you.