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10 Things to Know Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

You’ve already taken out one loan to buy your home. Why do it again? Make sure you understand the basics and choose the home refinance solution that benefits your unique situation.

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10 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Home

Buying your first home is a big investment – one that can affect your lifestyle and your credit. Here are ten things to know before buying your first home.

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Financial Planning for Home Ownership

How much money will you need to buy your home now, and support it into the future? This article explores these factors to help you prepare accordingly.

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Borrowing Basics: Home Equity Loans vs. Cash Out Refinancing

As a homeowner, you have two main borrowing options: home equity loans and cash out refinancing. The option you choose largely depends on your situation and your goals. Learn the differences between them.

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Your Credit Guide

For generations, owning a home has been considered a part of the American Dream – but one critical element for realizing this dream is developing and maintaining good credit.

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Getting a Good Deal

Everyone likes a good deal. When financing or refinancing a mortgage, getting that deal starts with research – and finding the mortgage loan that matches your specific needs.

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The Value of Pre-approval

If you're thinking about buying a home, it helps to know just how much you can afford before starting your search. A loan pre-approval decision can facilitate a simpler home-buying experience from start to finish.

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All About Your Credit

Maintaining good credit is key to financing a home purchase. In fact, your credit is one of the first things lenders examine when considering you for a loan. Learn how credit influences financing.

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