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Careful Considerations

Lower monthly payments – and potential savings overall – may seem attractive. However, when refinancing your mortgage to reduce your interest rate it is critical to consider all of the fees and closing costs involved. 

Breaking Even

Refinancing costs and fees have the potential to add up to 2% of the total new loan amount, so it’s important to ask yourself if the savings from the new loan will be equal to or more than the cost of refinancing.

Also note that refinancing costs vary from state to state and can include:

  • A loan origination charge, along with fees for application and processing.
  • Points that can be purchased to lower your interest rate even more (each “point” is 1% of your loan amount). 
  • Any penalty for early payment on your current mortgage.
  • Standard settlement charges, including fees for credit reports, title searches and insurance fees, and appraisals. 

Be Aware of Penalties

Your current loan may also include penalty fees for early payments, which could add to your refinance costs. Contact an experienced loan consultant at (800) 210-8849 to prepare for all the scenarios. 

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